Welcome University of Tennessee Baseball Fans!

This site is dedicated to the rehiring of Head Coach Rod Delmonico.  After experiencing the rebirth of the Diamond Vols in 1990 following decades of mediocrity and the worst record in the history of the program, we all celebrated the unprecedented success of the Tennessee baseball program during the next 17 years, including 3 appearances in the College World Series within 10 years.

Now, we fans are suffering through an era of mediocre coaching, mediocre recruiting and mediocre performance under Todd Raliegh.  Raliegh is unquestionably the worst coaching hire by Athletics Director, Mike Hamilton.

Raliegh ignores and refuses to acknowledge fans, berates players (according to past and current players), kicks players off of the team and then tells them he was misunderstood and has a poor reputation among
SEC coaches and officials.  The mediocre state of the program is simply

Mike Hamilton stated the reason for terminating Coach Delmonico's contract was that he "fielded some great teams but not a consistently great program".  As you will see from this site, that is simply untrue.

Coach Delmonico consistently recruited some of the best players in the nation, developed student athletes into All America candidates and All-SEC candidates.  He developed professional players and became the winningest
coach in the history of the program. 

Now, we have a coach that can't recruit, can't develop and will never field a great team.  Is there anything that makes you believe that Raliegh will take Tennessee to another NCAA Regional, let alone a College World Series?  The answer is undoubtedly, "NO"!

We urge you to participate in our poll and contact Mike Hamilton and demand that Mike Hamilton rehire Coach Delmonico.  We believe rehiring Coach Delmonico will be a great PR story across the nation and will create confidence among fans that his quickly dying program will be saved and Tennessee will get to Omaha again.

Why not rehire the winningest coach in the history of UT's program.  Why not?